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Ashington Village

RRPT have landed in Ashington, in the heart of West Sussex to offer it’s unrivalled one to one and small group personal training.

With over 35 classes a week to choose from and almost 20 one to one training slots there will always be a solution to suit you. More of an outdoors kind of person? No problem, check out our Bootcamp training three times a week at the Ashington Community centre hardcourt area.

One to One Personal Training

For the best results in anything it helps if you have someone guiding you through the process, our trainers are skilled and ready to help you get to your goals, no matter how far off you think you may be. In a short space of time you will feel and look better, so if you have got a special date coming up and need that little extra push, or if you want to get the best out of every minute of your workout this is the solution for you.

Small Group Personal Training

Like our one to one training the small groups (where the is never more than four people) is the next best thing to going head to head with a trainer as you are getting all the benefits of one to one, but sharing the cost. With over thirty five classes a week to chose from there is always going to be a time that suits. Our training is best done two or three times a week, this way the mixture of aerobic and anaerobic exercises will keep on working even on your rest days.

Ashington Bootcamp

The bootcamp is a fun high intensity outdoor training class, great for all ages. Anyone that is 13 to 83 will find this a great way to keep fit, enjoy the fresh air and make friends at the same time. Those that get together, sweat together. Our classes run two evenings a week and on Saturday morning.

How to find us

The Bootcamp is held at the Ashington Hardcourt, Foster Lane, Ashington, RH20 3PG. There is plenty of parking in the community centre carpark.

The PT is in the Sports Pavilion, Church Lane, Ashington, RH20 3JY and we have dedicated parking spaces in the carpark.



Ashington Bootcamp pay per session Adult                           £6 per class

Ashington Bootcamp pay monthly (Adult) no commitment £58 access to all classes per month

Ashington Bootcamp pay monthly (Adult) 3 month contract £48 access to all classes per month

Ashington Bootcamp pay per session Teen (13y+)                £3 per class

Ashington Bootcamp pay monthly (Teen) no commitment.  £24 access to all classes per month

Small Group

Pay Monthly Annual Contract                         £65 pcm

Pay Monthly 3 month Contract                      £70 pcm

Pay Monthly no commitment                        £75 pcm

Annual Contract                                              £715                12 months access for the price of 11.

One to One

45 minute classes from £30

Fitness fanatics

We have a special offer price or those on a mission for ultimate fitness. Access to both the small group personal training and the Bootcamp for only £99 a month with only a three month commitment. This means you can train every day and mix it up.